Website SEO Audit

On-page-website SEO AUDIT

An SEO Audit is usually the starting point of our working relationship with your business.

A Search Engine Optimisation audit is vital for us to be able to find out how well your website is currently optimised and what needs changing.

On-site / On-page Website Audit

If your website itself is not optimised correctly, this can limit your site’s ability to rank highly in the search engines (no matter how much off-page work we conduct).

Initial work

Before starting the audit proper we inspect search engine results for your website.  We identify any signs of penalties having been applied to your website and any obvious indexing issues.

website auditTechnical work

We then look at technical issues affecting your website. These include (but are not limited to) your website’s coding, use of header tags, titles, metadata, sitemaps, Robots.txt, internal linking, broken links, load errors, URLs, redirects, image names & alt text, page load speed, mobile usability and your website content itself (quality, structure, duplicate content, keyword cannibalisation etc).

Don’t worry!

Depending on your own technical knowledge you may or may not understand the terms above.  If not don’t worry – That is our job!

You just need to understand that getting these onsite elements optimised is important before we begin a full SEO campaign for your business.  These are the fundamental building blocks of success.  Without a strong foundation, i.e. on-page SEO, your website will struggle to rank on the major search engines.

Audit Options

There are several on-page audit options available:

  • A website overview report outlining your website’s main SEO issues. This is only recommended if you have technical staff who can understand and implement the recommended changes in conjunction with your website designer/developer.
  • We identify & help implement the required changes in conjunction with your web designer/developer.
  • We provide a detailed point by point written action plan for your web designer/developer to implement the changes.

Depending on the size of your website (and how involved you want to be with the process) you can select from these options to complete the initial on-page SEO work.

technical seo auditAn on-page audit is valuable in its own right!

A poorly optimised / underperforming website can be transformed to a site that Google (and the other main search engines) will love, by utilising our on-page audits.  Even if you do not currently wish to proceed with a monthly ongoing SEO campaign, an audit is a great idea.

The money spent on an SEO audit can pale into insignificance compared to the gains in search traffic you can achieve by getting your on-page optimisation right.

Cost of an on-page SEO audit

Our prices range from a hundred to several thousand pounds depending on the depth of audit required and how ‘hands-on’ you want us to be.

A stand-alone audit can start from £100 for a key-point overview report (depending on the size of your website).  You may prefer a more detailed report (as described above) if you want a tailored step-by-step guide, or for us to help implement the suggested changes.

This works well with…

  • Our Content Creation Service – expanding your website’s content to attract new leads & sales.
  • Our Citations Service – particularly if you target local/regional customers rather than national.
  • Or as part of a custom monthly ongoing SEO package (combining several of our services). Contact us for details

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