Local Citations

local citations

Having numerous accurate local citations is vital for your business.  This is particularly the case if you are targeting a local audience.

Local citations are the name given to the various mentions of your business (with or without a link to your website) that appear on local directories, listings and websites.

If these listings contain errors (such as old or incorrect addresses, phone numbers etc) then you are less likely to rank highly in the natural search engine results.

Generally speaking the more accurate and well respected local citations your business has, the easier it is for your business to appear in local search results.

Local Citations Audit

When you work with Safe Hands Digital we will audit your existing local mentions for accuracy.  We will painstakingly update any existing listings so they are uniform and accurate.

local citations serviceDuring our audit we often find duplicate listings with conflicting information about your business.  If this is the case we remove the incorrect listings.

As well as correcting and updating existing listings, we can pro-actively submit your website and business details to other high quality, relevant and respected local directories and websites.

Rest assured we’ll avoid any low quality websites that could harm your business.

Once we’ve completed the initial work we can monitor your listings for errors and update them accordingly.  We can also look out for new opportunities to increase your local citations.

The cost of our citations service

Pricing depends on the number of physical premises (if any) you want us to work with and the number of local listings you currently have.  If you are a local business targeting a specific relatively small geographical area then there will be less work for us to manage than a multi-site business.

Get in touch now to tell us a bit about your business locations etc. We’ll then be able to advice you on pricing.

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