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At Safe Hands Digitial we know that having strong, fresh website content is vital to attract and maintain customers.

A static dreary website (that isn’t optimised to target relevant high value search terms) will not perform well compared to a business with a strong content strategy.

Why should I bother with website content creation?

Put simply there will be lots of people searching Google for valuable terms relating to your business and products/services. Your business may not appear in the search results for these terms currently.

We help your website show up to these potential customers and increase your leads and sales.

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What will you do?

When you decide to work with us we will undertake keyword research and audit your existing content to find gaps in your content strategy.

We’ll analyse opportunities that you are missing at the moment and areas where you can improve existing content.

We’ll analyse your main competitor’s content creation strategies, to find opportunities to further improve your search engine position for relevant search terms.  We’ll of course also talk to you about areas you feel you are currently neglecting (as you know your business best!).

After analysing relevant search terms and keywords that you aren’t currently targeting (or that you are not targeting well) we can begin a content creation and posting campaign on your website.  This may include optimising and expanding product/service listings and/or blog content.  We’ll be targeting relevant, valuable terms for your business.

Dual-purpose interesting and informative articles

This content will be interesting and informative and optimised with both search engines and real website visitors in mind.  Gone are the days of stuffing keywords into shoddily written articles to ‘game’ the search engines.

seo content creationWebsite content needs to engage visitors so that they stay on your website and interact.

Increasingly Google search rankings are influenced by visitor interactions on your website (such as the time spent on your website, number of pages visited, and whether the visitor quickly returned to the search results (bounced).

We’ll help you develop a portfolio of valuable content assets for your business (relevant, targeted, informative articles) that will stand your business in good stead for years to come.  This growing useful website content will help market your business to new customers and clients going forward. It will increase the authority and time spent on your website (stickiness) for visitors.

Great for short-term and long term success

Investing in a strong content creation program is one of the best combined short and long-term marketing strategies for your business.  In the short-term your business will start to rank for terms you previously haven’t been targeting.  The search engines will notice the regular fresh content (which they love!) and you’ll be rewarded with new relevant visitors.

In the long-term your business will own a large and authoritative website which draws in and retains customers on a much greater scale than previously possible.  Existing customers will also return more frequently as they know your website is regularly updated.

Prices for content creation

Our website content creation services are available from as little as £150 pcm.  We can also work on stand-alone or one-off projects (for set prices) if you prefer.

Please contact us for details and we’ll be happy to discuss what is right for you and your business.

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