Competitor Analysis Service

competitor analysis

Our Competitor Analysis service offers an in depth look at how your website compares to that of your competitors.  This is a valuable insight into areas you are doing well at and areas you can improve.

Proactive or reactive

Are any of your competitors likely to surpass you soon with their marketing strategies?  What methods are working for others?

This service is a great way to see what you need to do to keep ahead of your rivals, or catch them up if you have fallen behind.

We can carry out this work as a ‘one-off’ analysis to see where you currently stand.  We do however recommend this as part of an ongoing monthly SEO & digital marketing package.

What is involved when analysing the competition?

Technically we look at the on-page, link building, content and social strategies of your competitors.  We can even analyse your competitors’ Pay-Per-Click advertising strategies if relevant.

You (or we as part of a monthly package) can use our findings to help your business strengthen your position and get more leads and sales.

Competitor’s link building analysis

What link building strategies are your main competitors using?  Are they sitting on their laurels or actively seeking out new link building opportunities for their business?

Our analysis is great for finding new link building opportunities that you may have overlooked.

competitors running a raceOn-page strategy of your rivals

Are your competitors way ahead of the game with their on-page optimisation?  What is working for your competitors and could you make these changes to your own website?

Social Media competition analysis

How well do you stack-up with your use of social media compared to others in your industry?  How engaging is your competitors’ content?  How many interactions are other companies getting compared to you?  How many likes, shares, retweets and follows are your competitors getting?

Competitor’s content creation & marketing strategies

What keywords and phrases are your competition targeting with their content creation strategies?  Can you get inspiration from the techniques they are employing?  Find the high value terms that your competitors believe are worth targeting.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) analysis

What paid keywords are your competitors targeting and what do their adverts look like?  A useful way to kick-start a PPC campaign or improve your ROI.

How much does our Competitor Analysis service cost?

We generally prefer to provide this service as part of an ongoing monthly SEO / Digital Marketing package.  We can then use our ongoing findings to improve your own campaigns (content creation, link building etc).

If you would like us to undertake competitor analysis as a one-off report please contact us for pricing.

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