Backlink Audit

backlink audit

Our backlink audit looks at the links that are pointing at your site from other websites. 

We check they are helping rather than harming your search engine rankings. 

We also provide a comprehensive link clean-up service.

Links as votes

Links are viewed by Google (and the main search engines) as being votes for your site. If you have links from ‘bad neighbours’ and spam sources this massively impacts your site’s ability to rank.

You may have created links to your site in the past by submitting it to countless low quality directories. Perhaps you have employed an SEO agency who have bought or created a large volume of unnatural links in the past that are rich in spam anchor text.

These are common real-life examples of actions that will now harm your website.  In the past such techniques worked well but now Google is wise to these sorts of link building campaigns.

They now have several methods of detecting bad links, devaluing them and even penalising your website for such links.

penguin-algo-updateGoogle Penguin

Google Penguin is an anti-link-spam algorithm used by Google to automatically check for bad links. The algorithm now operates in ‘real time’.  This means links that are deemed harmful can now rapidly effect your website.

Penguin initially now looks at known low quality sources and placements (amongst other things) and devalues the link.

In the past penguin penalised websites rather than devalued links.  The effect on your search engine position will however be similar if you have a large quantity of old, harmful links pointing at your website.  You’ll effectively be being penalised by Google with a low search engine ranking.

Manual ‘human’ reviewers

This is coupled with Google’s use of manual ‘human’ reviewers to check sites that have been flagged as having large quantities of overly spammy links pointing at them.

If your site is hit by an automatic algorithmic penalty you won’t rank highly for at least the terms you are targeting in this way (since Penguin 4.0).  Ultimately after a manual review you could also face your site being deindexed by Google completely.

harmful-negative-seoHarmful Negative SEO

Negative SEO is the (rare but growing) process of people deliberately pointing harmful links at your website. They do this to try to remove you from the organic search results.

Google Penguin 4.0 has attempted to address this by focusing on keywords being devalued rather than whole sites, but the impact can still be huge if you find your site deindexed after manual review.

What is a harmful link profile?

Every website which has been around for any length of time will have naturally attracted some low-quality links.  These are part of a normal link profile and are generally nothing to be overly worried about. A ‘normal’ link profile also varies from industry to industry.

If, however you have lots of links full of over-optimised anchor text, or lots of links pointing at your site from suspect websites then you should be concerned.

link removal auditWhat we do

We find and analyse the backlinks that are pointing at your website.  We can then act on your behalf (if you want us to) to take any action necessary to clean-up your link profile.

Removing & Disavowing harmful links

We can contact the owners of such sites and try to get them to remove any harmful links.  If they are unresponsive or unhelpful we can send Google a disavow file which explains what we’ve done to try to remove the links.  We can request that Google ignores the harmful links when ranking your website.

Website link audit pricing

A basic backlink audit starts from £100 (depending on the size of your website and the number of links pointing at your site that need evaluating).

We can send you an initial report outlining the links we believe could be having a negative effect on your ranking.  You can then work either yourself or with your technical staff to remove the links.

Alternatively, we can provide a full backlink clean-up & disavowal submission service.  The cost of this service depends largely on our initial findings (i.e. how bad your link profile is currently).

It is therefore sensible to commission an initial backlink audit first for accurate pricing of any further work.

Get in touch now with details of your website and we’ll be happy to discuss us carrying out a backlink audit.

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